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21 Delicious Samosa Filling Ideas (WITH Recipes AND Pictures!)

21 Delicious Samosa Filling Ideas (WITH Recipes AND Pictures!)

Ramadan is round the corner…

And we all know Ramadan ISN’T about food and loading up our plates…

And as much I don’t want to admit it…

I’m just going to say it…


How great are SAMOSAS though?!?! (and the pakoras too, obvs)

I for one, am super excited about making some good ol’ samosas this year! I’ve previously ALWAYS struggled with making samosas using the ready made spring roll pastry sheets you can get pretty easily out and about and it’s always put me off samosas. However, this year I learnt how to make great samosas at home from scratch with a pretty basic dough and I honestly feel like it’s legit improved my quality of life. You can see the method that’s made samosa making super easy for me in this recipe here – but you can use whatever method of samosa making you like!

I’ve compiled this list of absolutely awesome samosa fillings. Some are traditional, standard recipes. Some however are quite unique – I haven’t had a lot of these before!

Enjoy this list! Hope you manage to try some of these out 🙂 I sure hope I can too!

Savoury Samosa Ideas

1. Chicken Samosas – This Muslim Girl Bakes

This is a wonderful standard chicken samosa recipe which uses traditional Desi spices. From one my most favourite bloggers out there, bonus!

2. Lamb Tikka Samosas – BBC Good Food

A delicious idea for a samosa that packs a punch of flavour! I reckon this would be delicious with boneless lamb too

Source: BBC Good Food

3. Minced Lamb Filling – My Own

This is a classic favourite for samosas alongside chicken samosas. You can add peas or other vegetables too if you want – it’s pretty versatile and forgiving!

4. Butter Chicken Samosas – Nish Kitchen

Source: Nish Kitchen

5. Lebanese Flavour Inspired Chicken Samosas – But Chai First

This recipe includes pomegranate molasses, fried pine nuts and parsley – wonderful for a change from the traditional Asian spiced fillings!

6. Saudi Sambosa with Mung Bean & Meat – But Chai First

A delicious combination I’ve never heard of until today! *Added to ‘to-cook’ list*

Source: But Chai First

7. Chinese Chicken & Noodle Samosas – Cubes n Juliennes


Savoury + Vegetarian Samosa Ideas

8. Jalapeno Three Cheese Samosas – My Food Story

These pictures are absolutely to die for! These would go perfect with the ready made thin sheets of spring roll/samosa pastry.

Source: My Food Story

9. Jalapeno & Cheese Wonton Samosas – Flour & Spice Blog

A variation on #8, made with wonton wrappers for even more ease!

9. Cheese & Potato Samosas – Jeny John

Cheese and potatoes are the ultimate winning combination for warm, comforting pleasures! Double points for cheese and potatoes in a pastry crust!

10. Cheese & Spring Onion Samosa -Tarla Dalal

The amazing Tarla Dalal has her own variation of a cheese samosa too – with spring onions.

11. Samosas with Spinach & Cottage Cheese – Archanas Kitchen

Source: Archanas Kitchen

12. Cumin Spiced Potato Filling for Samosas – My Own

The classic Aloo filling we all know and love

13. Potato & Pea (Aloo Matar) Samosa – Food Buddy

Same as #13, but with the bonus addition of delicious peas

14. Tomato, Basic & Mozarella Parcels – Neils Healthy Meals

OK so technically this ISN’T a samosa – but it sure looks like one! It sounds like an absolutely appetising combination!

Source: Neil’s Healthy Meals

15. Pizza Samosas – Taste Made

16. Ethiopian Lentil Sambusa – Demand Africa

17. Crispy Iranian Onion Samosas – Sallu’s Kitchen

I’ve had this saved to my Pinterest account for YEARS now and have just not gotten around to trying these! May this Ramadan be the year, ameen.

Sweet Samosa Ideas

17. Sweet Christmas Samosas – Chilli and Cakes

Filled with semolina, almonds, coconut, orange zest, cranberries and pistachios – this unique and luxurious combination sounds absolutely amazing

Source: Chilli and Cakes

18. Chocolate Samosa – Your Sunny Side Up

C’mon… you knew this one was coming

19. Sweet Coconut Samosas – My Own

This is one I mostly turn to when I want to make a sweet samosa. Easy, quick and just so damn good!

20. Sweet Cream Cheese Samosas – Cleobuttera

Source: Cleobuttera

21. Savory Apple Samosas – A Brown Table



Thursday 1st of October 2020

Thanks Guys, Your Recipe Was Too Fantastic. Me and My Family Loved it. I Will definitely Share your Rrecipe with my friends.


Sunday 31st of January 2021

Thank you!

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