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13 Delicious Kebab Ideas You NEED to Check Out!

13 Delicious Kebab Ideas You NEED to Check Out!

Kebab recipes to tide us over, not just for the upcoming BBQ season, but also for year-round nibbles, because kebabs are just THAT amazing and easy? I’m interested!

Kebabs are such a quick and simple joy to make and even more a joy to eat! They are tremendously versatile. You can serve kebabs in a burger, in a tortilla wrap, alongside some rice (a’la the traditional Pilau and Shami Kebab combination), or simply just on its own with a salad and/or chutney. You can cook them in a pan on your hob when the weather isn’t being to kind, or you can grill these on your BBQ for an enticing and smokey aroma-filled taste-bud party.

Kebabs are also a healthier alternative to fried chicken, fried nuggets etc and are very weight-loss friendly dependent on how much oil you use. As mentioned above, pairing kebabs with a fresh and crunchy salad and a chutney or sauce is a delicious meal idea that won’t make you feel deprived of any food goodness.

Here I’ve compiled a list of 13 kebab inspirations from Indian and Pakistani cuisine which you can enjoy over the summer, or anytime throughout the year! I am SO looking forward to trying some of these out! The final four of these are vegetarian options, so we are all sorted to cater to all!

1. Seekh Kebab

The quintessential Pakistani kebab. You will NOT go to a Pakistani barbecue, EVER, and NOT see this kebab on the menu! This recipe from Rookie with a Cookie also features a recipe for a yogurt raita to serve along this. YUM

13 Killer South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

2. Shami Kebab

Another pretty essential Pakistani kebab – this kebab is traditionally served alongside Pilau. Also served commonly in a burger as proper street food back in Pakistan – a delight after a hot afternoon of bazaar hopping! Get this recipe alongside tons of great tips here.

3. Gola Kebab

This recipe in a super fun and convenient video format – yay! Quite simply, gola kebab refers to the ‘gol’ (round) appearance of the kebab. Get this recipe from the fantastic Food Fusion’s YouTube channel.

13 Delicious South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

4. Chapli Kebab

Another very traditional Pakistani kebab recipe, originating from the KPK region. My husband is a HUGE fan of Chapli Kebabs! Get this recipe here.

Chapli Kabab Recipe

5. Resham Kebab

‘Resham’ literally means silk in Urdu/Hindi, so can you imagine how gorgeously smooth and soft these kebabs from This Cake is Desi will be?

13 Delicious South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

6. Bihari Kebab

Bihari Kebabs originated from Bihar in India and were brought over to Pakistan during the 1947 partition – something I learnt from this interesting read from Foodism. Get Sumayya Usmanis recipe and try this delicious kebab out!

13 Delicious South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

7. Kebab-E-Dayg / Kebab Curry

Also known as Handi Kebab in my home. This wonderful recipe is from one of my favourite food writers, Shayma Saadat of The Spice Spoon, and is a delicious homely meal to try someday.

13 Delicious South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

8. Galouti Kebabs with Lamb and Papaya

Originating from India, this recipe uses raw papaya which helps tenderize the lamb for a seriously smooth and silky texture. Get this recipe from The Spruce Eats

9. Fish Kebabs

An addition of a seafood-based kebab to this compilation – sounds and looks absolutely divine! From Yummy Tummy Aarthi

13 Delicious South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

10. Daal Kebab

These moong daal kebabs look like they’re be a fantastic appetiser to serve at a barbecue as a vegetarian option! Recipe from Archanas Kitchen

13 Delicious South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

11. Hara Bhara Kebab

Just the name of this kebab has me excited and grinning! Loaded with greens like spinach and peas, this is a delicious and healthy kebab that will help you get in some your 5 a day veg. Recipe from Sandhya’s Kitchen

12. Aloo Kabab/Tikki

Another essential Pakistani item. Aloo Tikkis remind me of afternoon lunches of daal chawal and these little fellas. So good! My own recipe

13. Paneer Tikki

WOW is all the I can say – what a unique idea! Pakistanis do not typically use paneer very often (at least not from where I am from) and seeing paneer used in a tikki/kebab form sounds like such an innovative idea! Get the recipe from Cubes ‘n’ Juliennes

13 Delicious South Asian Kebab Recipes You NEED to Try!

I hope you enjoy this compilation of kebab ideas!

What’s your favourite kebab? Let me know in the comments below! Mine would have to be a deliciously meaty Chapli kebab *grins*

Enjoy, with love x