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Top 10 Pakistani Recipes in 2022

Top 10 Pakistani Recipes in 2022

2022 is drawing to a close – and what a year it’s been for the Fatima Cooks blog! It’s been my busiest year since Fatima Cooks started in 2015, with 18 new recipes, meeting the grand milestone of reaching 100 recipes, starting my YouTube channel and also ending the year with writing The Desi Dawat Guide!

Thank you so much for being here – I appreciate your presence, your time and your trust. Fatima Cooks wouldn’t have grown so much if it wasn’t for my readers who try, love and trust my recipes and keep coming back. You the best!

Here are this years top 10 recipes – these are my most visited pages and to be honest, they are also a reflection of some of my best recipes!

If you haven’t tried any of these, do give them a try and let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

10. Chana Pilau

This classic comfort food – it’s quick, easy and uses very minimal ingredients to make for a light yet aromatic rice meal. I’m not surprised this is a popular one!

Chana Pilau - Pakistani Chickpeas and Rice

9. Aloo Palak

Spinach and potatoes is another classic meal many Pakistanis will be familiar with. Goes best served alongside a fresh, homemade buttered roti. This is a weeknight meal we love to eat!

Aloo Palak Recipe - Spinach & Potato Curry

8. Panjeeri

I like to think of Panjeeri as more of a medicinal supplement as opposed to a dessert – made with nuts, seeds and dried fruit to be as nutrient dense and loaded with good fats. It’s traditionally to nourish post partum mothers and those who may be unwell or weak (although that’s not to say this won’t benefit you if you don’t fit into those categories).

Panjeeri / Panjiri Recipe

7. Aloo Gosht

A classic childhood comfort! Juicy, tender cuts of lamb meet pillow soft potatoes in a flavoursome soup – this is such a firm favourite of mine and many others I am certain!

Aloo Gosht Shorba - Pakistani Lamb and Potato Curry

6. Chicken Pilau

This is one of my earliest recipes I ever posted to Fatima Cooks that ended up garnering so much love and praise that it was my most viewed and shared recipe for many years! It’s still a firm favourite – this spice mix is one you will love!

5. Kabuli Pilau

Kabuli Pilau originates from Afghanistan, but is a rice dish that is very much loved by many Pakistanis (such as myself!)

Kabuli Pilau - Afghanistani Rice with Mutton, Raisins, Nuts and Carrots

4. Aloo Keema

Aloo keema is such a firm favourite in our house and I am always so overjoyed whenever I follow this recipe – it truly does deserve a rank in my Top 5 recipes, it is so good!

Aloo Keema - Minced Lamb and Potato curry @

3. Lamb/Mutton Karahi

One of my favourite things to serve whenever I have company over, this karahi really adds oomph onto the table! It’s a traditional, authentic recipe that uses zero onions – just the beautiful flavours of ginger, garlic, tomato and green chilli WITHOUT compromising on the masala!

Lamb / Mutton Karahi - An Easy, Traditional Recipe

2. Chicken Curry

This classic chicken curry is reminiscent of the shorba many of us will have grown up eating. It’s a flavoursome, comforting meal that everyone loves.

Chicken Salan Recipe | Pakistani Chicken Shorba Curry | Murghi Ka Salan

1 Chicken Karahi

Was this even a surprise?! If you’re a follower from my Instagram or if you’re among the thousands of people who find me via this recipe monthly, probably not! This chicken karahi is a legit authentic recipe and definitely deserves a spot as my most popular recipe! It went viral on social media during the first COVID lockdown and… I know why. You need to try it to know too!

Chicken Karahi Recipe + Step by Step Pictures + Tips

Once again, thank you for being here! I hope 2022 has been good to you and I pray 2023 will be good too.

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With love, Fatima x