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The Desi Dawat Guide – Your ULTIMATE GUIDE to becoming a PRO at Desi hosting

It was like having a personal dawat-coach on hand, guiding me through the steps


“I followed the instructions in the guide… in my panicked state I would have probably ended up spending a lot of unnecessary money but thanks to your last minute menus I was able to decide what to make based on what I had very quickly. I’ve never been so decisive, lol!”


The Ultimate Guide To Hosting a Desi Dawat Like a Pro

I’ll talk you through everything you need to know about hosting, including:

  • What you need – equipment and utensils, ingredients, correct serveware and dishware
  • How much you need – serveware, dishware, working out the right quantity of ingredients,
  • How to assess what you can realistically manage without burning out
  • How to plan an epic menu
  • How to execute your hosting ambitions!

How to Deal With Common Hosting Problems

  • Time management
  • Hosting when you have young children
  • Hosting families with young children
  • Dealing with hosting anxiety
  • Catering for large gatherings

… I got you covered!

31+ planned-for-you menus and 6 themes menus

Over 31 menus created to suit ALL COOKING ABILITIES (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and menu sizes, and 6 themed menus to choose from (e.g. BBQ themed, Afghani themed etc). Perfect for when your mind goes completely blank!

A Comprehensive ‘Build-a-Menu’ to Create The Perfect Spread That Suits You!

Pick and choose from the extensive ‘Build-a-menu’ to create a memorable meal that works for you and your dawat!

BONUS: The Dawat Planner!

To make the hosting process as organised, well managed and easy to execute as possible, I’ve also created a handy Dawat Planner workbook for all your shopping lists, menu plans and more!

“Best [money] I ever spent”


“I do not have the words! Fatima your guide is bloody brilliant! Only you could come up with every atypical scenario possible with Asian families… But let me tell you you’ve left no stone unturned”