Round-up Of My Month: June 2015

Quran Ayah

Hello and Salam (peace) to you all! Here’s a round-up of my month including some antics in the kitchen, a few links from around the interwebs that caught my fancy and some very exciting news in my personal life…

Here is whats been going on this month!

This month, I spent a lot of time at my parent’s house because they were having their home re-done and they needed an extra hand! I’m so blessed to be living close by, alhamdulillah (all praises to God). Here are a few snaps of what went on at my parent’s


I cooked sweet and sour paneer, and Indo-Chinese dish I absolutely ADORE and love serving to guests. It’s a delicious blend of sauces and spices and the soft texture of the paneer combined with the crunch of the capsicum really sets this off! Recipe will be on the blog soon this month!


Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks


I posted this picture on my Instagram of an AMAZING burger my Father cooked – a cheese stuffed MASSIVE chicken burger with extra cheese. Yum!!


Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks
Served alongside my sweet and sour paneer – this dinner was divine!

Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks


I also made a red pepper lasagna in my parent’s slow cooker. Lasagna in the slow cooker is 10x more superior to oven-baked lasagna in my opinion. The sheets get beautifully tender and literally melts in your mouth alongside the sauce, the meat and the cheese – yummmm! My family loves my lasagna, and I love my slow cooker 🙂 Sadly, I don’t have any good pictures to show for it because it went that fast!! 😛


Mother made karak builder’s tea (milky and sweet Indian/Pakistani tea cooked on the stove till it’s very strong) for her beloved son in law (my husband), myself and the builder alongside A LOT of samosas and naan khattai!


Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks


Pillow’s reactions to all the housework:


Pillow, the cat. Fatima Cooks
Not really bothered….
Pillow, the cat. Fatima Cooks
….Its all fun and games till your favourite napping spot gets taken!
Pillow, the cat. Fatima Cooks
His response… How is this even comfortable?!
Pillow, the cat. Fatima Cooks
‘You took my favourite napping spot just so you could get this bright carpet? Fools. Kinda comfy though. I’ll use it as a nail sharpener soon’

So, after I got back home, me and my friends from University got together to celebrate the end of our Uni exams! I’ll be graduating in July, eeeeep!! I cooked up a cheesy feast, because lets face it – cheese makes everything delicious!!


Slow cooked lamb ribs and nachos

Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks
The ribs don’t look too appealing – didn’t quite get their good side! They were delicious and unbelievably tender though *licks mouth*

Cheese stuffed cheesy meatballs (recipe here) and buttery mashed potatoes

Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks


A creamy chicken, leek and mushroom pie I couldn’t quite get a picture of – that’s how fast it went!

Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks


For dessert, I  tried my hand at This Muslim Girl Bakes’ swirled meringue, using chocolate instead of the red food colouring she used. I, as usual, didn’t do so well! Meringues aren’t my forte, it seems. It may also have something to do with the fact that I don’t own a beater/cake mixer and used my food processor instead perhaps?

Regardless of the fact that it didn’t form peaks and fluff up the way it should have, they were quite tasty and finished up. They tasted a bit like a nougat 🙂


Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks
Oh well, at least we had cake and sticky sweet peanuts! And tea. Always with tea.

I was going for this sort of a look:

Bakers Royale Chocolate Meringue
Bakers Royale Chocolate Meringue – Link here

The month of Ramadan began on the 18th of June for us in the UK. I wrote a post on how to eat well and not overdo it this Ramadan – you can read it here!


Having written that post, I felt like now I’m even more accountable for what I put in my belly than I was before! I know very well how difficult it is to keep away from all the fried and unhealthy goods that make a traditional show on the Iftar table, such as pakoras, samosas, spring rolls etc. My husband is a FIEND for pakoras, so they’re on the menu daily! I’ve limited myself to one pakora a day – but it’s hard!


Here a couple of shots of what I’ve been making for Iftar! As you can see, I’ve been cooking things other than fried goods too – I try to focus my Iftar plate on those other things.


Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks
From top right hand corner clockwise: mixed vegetable pakoras, parathas and chapattis, bhuna keema with a GIANT chilli, grilled chicken wings, coriander and mint raita and cucumbers
Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks
Colourful basmati rice, battered chips and grilled chicken wings
Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks
More grilled chicken wings and colourful basmati rice, mixed vegetable pakoras and homemade aloo samosas

A milestone in my culinary journey – I made Biryani from scratch! I’ve never ever liked the Biryani masala you get in packets, it’s always been too hot and had too many garam masalas for my liking. My version was quite mild and very fragrant, thanks to the green and black cardamoms! I really enjoyed making (and eating!) this Biryani and with a few tweaks, it’ll be up on the blog some time soon!


Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks

Round up of my month - June 2015 - Fatima Cooks
Success looks like a platter of Biryani 🙂

I post what I’ve been cooking quite regularly on my Instagram. Follow me for more! 🙂

Some very exciting news

Alhamdulillah, in this blessed and holy month I received some very exciting news – the break me and my husband needed after a VERY long time! I landed a job as an English & Citizenship Teacher at a Secondary School in Essex on the 29th of June! I’m extremely thankful to my Lord and pray that He showers my income and work with his blessings and makes it a source of khayr (good) for me and my family, ameen. My contract starts in September, inshaAllah (God willingly) but I will be going in for a handful of training sessions during the summer.


Quran Ayah


I had been feeling glum and in the dumps a few days before and this really lifted up my spirits, alhamdulillah! As one can imagine, living in London is very expensive and our savings had been catching up on us. Living off one salary (my husband’s) wasn’t feasible anymore now that I’ve finished Uni. I had really underestimated what I was capable of and got caught into the media frenzy of ‘graduate unemployment at an all time high’, ‘graduate starting salaries taking a hit’ etc and thought I wouldn’t be able to secure a job after graduating. And look! I secured a job BEFORE GRADUATING based on my expected degree classification! Alhamdulillah, my Lord has blessed me with a fantastic job, a pleasing salary and timings that suit me perfectly It really brought into perspective how often we feel despondent and negative, being totally unaware of what goodness and happiness our Lord has in store for us. If I had known something so life changing was about to happen to me, I would have spent the days before in prayer thanking my Lord instead of sulking! The take-way message from all this? Do not despair! Do not despair of the mercy of your Lord!

Quran Ayah

Here are some links from around the interwebs that caught my fancy!


Salmon Potato Salad With Radishes by This Muslim Girl Bakes – I am literally just waiting to get my hands on some fresh salmon and recreate this recipe. Who could say no to Salmon and potatoes? Not a fish-lover like me!!


Spinach Raita by Flour and Spice – I’m intrigued by this. I have never heard of it and am very keen on trying it!


Soft Cut-Out Sugar Cookies – At the top of my to-cook list as of now.


Rasgulla by Cooking Shooking on YouTube – I am so so so tempted to make these but at the same time I’m intimidated because I know it’ll take many attempts, lots of litres of wasted milk and a lot of emotional energy to get to perfection!! Dilemma much?


Mango Kulfi by The Red Lychee – Who doesn’t love mango kulfi?! This recipe is no churn and uses tinned mangoes – yay for easy recipes!

And finally, here’s a round-up of all the recipes posted this month on Fatima Cooks!


Hot Cumin Spiced Potato Filling from Samosas - Recipe by
Hot Cumin Spiced Potato Filling
Sooji Ka Halwa - Sweet Semolina Pudding @
Sooji Ka Halwa – Sweet Semolina Pudding
Minced Lamb Filling for Samosas, Spring Rolls, Sandwiches etc - recipe @
Minced Lamb Filling
How to Wrap Spring Rolls -
How to Wrap Spring Rolls
Cheese Stuffed Cheesy Meatballs - Recipe @
Cheese Stuffed CHEESY Meatballs
Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry - Mixed Sabzi @
Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry
How to Eat Well and Not Overdo It This Ramadan
How To Eat Well and Not Overdo It This Ramadan
Plum Chutney
Authentic Indian/Pakistani Plum Chutney
Vegetable Pakoras - A Ramadan classic! Quick, easy and DELICIOUS - recipe @
Vegetable Pakoras
Aloo Channa Shorba Salan - Potato And Chickpea Soupy Curry - A Pakistani Recipe
Aloo Channa Shorba Salan
Atta Ka Halwa - Wholewheat Flour Dessert @
Atta Ka Halwa

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