Vegetable Pakoras - A Ramadan classic! Quick, easy and DELICIOUS - recipe @

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras – A Recipe That Everyone Loves!

Today, I’m sharing with you the recipe of one of my most favourite snacks, the epitome of South-East Asian street food, the very definition of delicious: Pakoras.   I have a bit of a love affair going on with Pakoras. The thing I try (and fail) to avoid. I pretend like I don’t need them on my Iftar plate. IRead more

12 Tips For A Healthier Ramadan -

How To Eat Well And Not Overdo It This Ramadan

Ramadan is just round the corner, alhamdulillah! May God make this month a means for us to purify our hearts and strengthen our belief, unite together as an Ummah and become firmer on our acts of worship not only during this month, but for the months following up, inshaAllah!

Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry – Mixed Sabzi

The slow cooker is an absolute life saver when it comes to busy days, hands down. It single handedly saves me from going crazy when I have a long list chores that need to be done, when I have to be out of the house for the entire day or when I have guests over andRead more

Cheese Stuffed Cheesy Meatballs - Recipe @

Cheese Stuffed CHEESY Meatballs

It’s a known fact of the culinary world that cheese makes everything taste better. This rule applies to most foods. And no, I am not making an obnoxious, biased and over-generalised claim.

How to Wrap Spring Rolls -

How To Wrap A Spring Roll Using Spring Roll Wrappers

With Ramadan round the corner, many people (me included!) are making spring rolls in bulk to freeze and then use throughout Ramadan for Iftar. Struggling with wrapping spring rolls? They’re not hard at all! Here’s a visual aid to help make wrapping spring rolls a lot simpler than you may be thinking they are!

Sooji Ka Halwa - Sweet Semolina Pudding @

Sooji Ka Halwa – Sweet Semolina Pudding

Sooji Ka Halwa is a relatively simple but mighty delicious dessert that is cooked frequently at my house. It has a delicately soft, crumbly texture and a mildly sweet flavor with subtle undertones of cardamom and rose – absolutely beautiful! Sooji Ka Halwa can also be served with pooris (deep fried flatbreads), Punjabi Cholay and a potatoRead more


Round-Up Of My Month – May 2015

Hello and Salam (peace) to you all! Here’s a round-up of my month including what I’ve been up to this month, what I’ve been experimenting with in the kitchen and some links from around the web that caught my eye! First and foremost, perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened to me this monthRead more