How To Wrap A Spring Roll Using Spring Roll Wrappers

How to Wrap Spring Rolls -

With Ramadan round the corner, many people (me included!) are making spring rolls in bulk to freeze and then use throughout Ramadan for Iftar. Struggling with wrapping spring rolls? They’re not hard at all! Here’s a visual aid to help make wrapping spring rolls a lot simpler than you may be thinking they are!

How To Wrap A Spring Roll -


1. Arrange the spring roll wrapper in front of you in a diamond angle

2. Place about 2.5-3tbsp of filling into the centre in a horizontal line

3. Fold the bottom corner over the filling

4. Fold the left corner over the filling

5. Fold the right corner over the filling

6. Brush the rest of the spring roll wrapper with ‘glue’ (recipe below)

7. Tuck in the sides of the upper corner of the spring roll wrapper – this is to avoid overhang

8. Roll the spring roll upwards tightly, till the final remaining corner is wrapped and secured

Recipe for the Spring Roll Wrapper ‘Glue’ 

To 1/4 cup of flour, add enough water to make a loose and fluid (but not watery!), sticky mixture. Use a pastry brush to apply this to the spring roll wrapper. (Note: this can also be used for samosas, or anything you want to bind using spring roll wrappers)


I hope this helps anyone who may have been struggling with wrapping spring rolls! I find it’s quite quick and easy and far less hassle than wrapping samosas 🙂

The recipe for the filling pictured above is here.

Enjoy, with love x

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