21 Delicious Samosa Filling Ideas (WITH Recipes AND Pictures!)

Ramadan is round the corner… And we all know Ramadan ISN’T about food and loading up our plates… And as much I don’t want to admit it… I’m just going to say it… GIMME ALLLLLLL THE SAMOSAS. How great are SAMOSAS though?!?! (and the pakoras too, obvs) I for one, am super excited about makingRead more

How To Make Prawn Karahi Masala – An Authentic Pakistani & Indian Tomato Based Curry Recipe

How To Make Prawn Karahi Masala - A Pakistani & Indian Tomato Based Curry Recipe

A delicious prawn Karahi is my idea of a perfect weeknight dinner that requires minimal time and effort with absolutely no compromise on flavour. The appetising base of tomatoes, ginger, garlic and the aromatic garnish of coriander will have anyone swooning. This is a quick jhatt patt recipe that will have dinner on the table inRead more

Chicken Salan Recipe | Pakistani Chicken Shorba Curry | Murghi Ka Salan

Chicken Salan Recipe | Pakistani Chicken Shorba Curry | Murghi Ka Salan

Ahhhh, the classic Pakistani Chicken Salan. This is one of those dishes that will scream simple comforts to anyone who has grown up eating Pakistani food. It comes under the highly ranks of those nostalgic dishes that take you back in time. Chicken salan is just so pure and warming, a simple and satisfying hugRead more

Aloo Gosht Shorba – Pakistani Lamb and Potato Curry

Aloo Gosht Shorba - Pakistani Potato and Lamb Curry - Recipe @ FatimaCooks.net

Aloo Gosht is one of those dishes you can never go wrong by serving. One of those dishes everyone happens to love. One of those dishes that just spells out C O M F O R T. If you’d ask me to name one dish to represent my childhood, well, this and a hot plateRead more

Aloo Channa Shorba Salan – Soupy Potato and Chickpea Curry

Aloo Channa Shorba Salan - Potato And Chickpea Soupy Curry - A Pakistani Recipe

Potatoes and chickpeas in a Shorba (soupy) curry may seem like a peasants dish due to it’s lack of exotic or meaty ingredients – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t one delicious meal. This dish, alongside the Indian Subcontinent’s favourite Daal Chawal (rice and lentils) is an example of simple but hearty comfortRead more

Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry – Mixed Sabzi

The slow cooker is an absolute life saver when it comes to busy days, hands down. It single handedly saves me from going crazy when I have a long list chores that need to be done, when I have to be out of the house for the entire day or when I have guests over andRead more

Cheese Stuffed CHEESY Meatballs

Cheese Stuffed Cheesy Meatballs - Recipe @ FatimaCooks.net

It’s a known fact of the culinary world that cheese makes everything taste better. This rule applies to most foods. And no, I am not making an obnoxious, biased and over-generalised claim.

Iraqi Cabbage & Lamb Soup

Iraqi Cabbage and Lamb Stew/Soup -Easy, simple and healthy - recipe at fatimacooks.net

Who else agrees that soup and bread is the most perfect lunch? It’s filling enough to keep you going, but light enough to not weigh you down. And if you’re watching what you’re eating, going sans bread won’t break the deal because, let’s be honest, the beautifully deep and delicious broth is where all theRead more

Bhuna Chicken Masala – Seared Chicken Curry

Bhuna Chicken Curry - Recipe @ fatimacooks.net

When I call my family over, I know that my Mother doesn’t like red meat or prawns, my brother doesn’t like fish and my other brother doesn’t like vegetables. This is why chicken is always a go-to for me. You’ll always have people who don’t like red meat, don’t like fish or don’t like vegetablesRead more