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Shami Kebab Recipe (Beef, Mutton, Lamb & Chicken)

Shami Kebab

A classic favourite which will often have a firm, secure seat in the freezer of many Pakistani kitchens! This is a kebab made from meat and lentils and is so so versatile and delicious!

Aloo Tikki Recipe - Pakistani Food Recipes @ Fatima Cooks

Aloo ki Tikki - Potato Cutlets

An ideal side to so many curries and rice dishes

Chapli Kabab Recipe

Chapli Kebab

A delicious, authentic recipe from my Afghanistani neighbour

Iraqi Cabbage and Lamb Stew/Soup -Easy, simple and healthy - recipe at

Iraqi Cabbage and Lamb Soup

A delicious, hearty meal thanks to the filling ingredients: lamb, cabbage and lentils

Hot Cumin Spiced Potato Filling from Samosas - Recipe by

Hot Cumin Potato Filling

Ideal for use in samosas, parathas, naan, etc

Minced Lamb Filling for Samosas, Spring Rolls, Sandwiches etc - recipe @

Keema Filling

Ideal for samosas, spring rolls, samosas, naan etc

Chicken Pakora | Chicken Pakoda Recipe | Fatima Cooks

Chicken Pakora

Juicy bites of chicken fried in a light, crispy and flavourful gram flour coating - these are absolutely delicious!

Aloo Bukhara ki Chutney

A tangy and spiced plum chutney that goes absolutely beautifully with Pakistani snack foods such as pakoras

A close-up of a plate of vegetable pakoras

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras

A Pakistani delicacy! Also known as bhajis

Shimla Mirch Ka Raita - Bell Pepper/Capsicum & Yogurt Dip

Shimla Mirch ka Raita

A yogurt based side dip made from green capsicum